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10 Steps to Medical Marijuana Certification in NY State

  1. Contact Hamptons Medi Spa for appointment: register and make video visit appointment
  2. At your appointment, upload supporting medical documents and discuss condition and treatments at length with NP/MD including history.
  3. Wait for email from Hamptons medi Spa within 48 hours of appoointment. Print out and follow directions in email.
  4. Register with NYS to order Medical Marijuana card using your NYS Drivers License # (Or other acceptable ID: see state site) and your new MMJ Certification # (PC1-XXXXXXXXXXX).
  5. Wait 7-10 days for card to come in mail.
  6. Once your receive card, call your dispensary to make an appointment. You must swipe card to get into the door and bring a copy of your certificate.
  7. Meet with pharmacist to go over dosing, program, answer questions, etc.
  8. Try to MMJ: find "sweet spot"
  9. Stay in contact with NP/MD via phone, video visit, email, text and/or home/office visit.
  10. Call immediately if need urgent attention,